The way to Help save Battery Everyday living about the HTC EVO

Like hundreds, I ran out opening weekend and grabbed up a Sprint HTC EVO. The EVO is devoid of a question the coolest smartphone I’ve at any time owned. Nonetheless the most important grievance experiencing the EVO is battery lifestyle. Effectively the good news is usually that I’ve uncovered quite a few tricks and tips to lengthen the android battery saver everyday living in excess of 50% and i am in this article to share them along with you.

The number one grievance I often read about elite gadget phones or smartphones is their battery lifetime. The battery concern isn not just relegated to your HTC EVO. I averted the apple iphone and iPods for any handful of decades as a consequence of their challenges when it arrived to battery existence. Luckily in your case EVO house owners, it would not normally must be this way.

Now should you left your HTC EVO established up the way in which it is when you open up up the box, you may be unhappy together with the phone’s battery lifestyle. When you still left your cell phone on with the 4G network enabled, the battery life of your EVO would not help it become via the working day. I figured out that the tricky way. Making sure that reported, listed below are a couple of very simple methods you can consider to extend your EVO’s battery life more than 50%.

Tip #1 – Download the Highly developed Activity Killer app through the application retail store. If I was likely to rank the must-have apps for that EVO, this could be number one. Visit the market icon on your telephone, type in “Advanced Endeavor Killer” and download it. It is no cost. After you might have downloaded it, put it on your own home screen. Click it and you’ll see a list of every app and process that’s jogging in your EVO. The primary time I did it, I used to be stunned and you will be also. Many of these apps on your own EVO will flip on instantly without having rhyme or reason. Unless the thing is the applications managing, you’ll have no idea. These applications are bleeding the battery life of your mobile phone dry! Only examine every single app you’d like to kill and afterwards faucet “Kill selected apps.” I check all of them. I will turn them on if and after i need to have them. This baby will prevent significant time in your battery existence and it really is cost-free.

Idea #2 – Obtain the Battery Position Professional application in the application retail store. If I used to be heading to rank the must-have EVO applications, this is able to be amount two. It is a phenomenal application and it can be 100% totally free. The moment yet again, visit the current market place icon on the cell phone, key in “Battery Position Pro” and down load it. You can find a paid out and absolutely free version. You merely need the free of charge variation. Put this on the dwelling monitor once you obtain it. Faucet it and you may see an entire breakdown with the battery existence still left on the cellphone. You receive all the way down to the second time still left with your battery in several modes from Standby Time, Talktime, Net Use (with or without Wi-Fi), etcetera. This app will allow you to know exactly simply how much time you’ve got for whatsoever you wish to do. It is a wonderful means to funds your battery existence so that you do not squander it on anything you do not require.

Tip #3 – Improve the brightness of one’s residence display screen. Out of the box, your HTC EVO is bright for a summertime day’s sunlight. It seems to be great but you really usually do not have to have all of that brightness, unless you happen to be inside of a darkish put. Faucet your Menu button around the base from the EVO and head over to Configurations – Appears & Display – Brightness. There you’ll be able to slide your bar all the way in which to your still left which will darken your cell phone and prevent a lot of battery lifestyle. You’d be surprised at the difference in your EVO’s battery life the moment you make this uncomplicated adjustment.

Tip #4 – Flip off that 4G! Look, I am still not convinced that 4G is the be-all and end-all that Dash is making it out to be. 4G is nice and also you pay for it, but it will suck your battery dry. You don’t will need it. 3G is just as fast and it will not nearly do the damage to your battery lifestyle that 4G will do. I only use the 4G if I have my EVO plugged in somewhere. To convert it off simply faucet your Menu button to the bottom in the cellphone, head to Configurations – Wireless & Networks – 4G. Simply faucet the 4G button and watch it disconnect. Your telephone will now be connected to your community via 3G. While you’re in Wireless & Networks, faucet the button next to Wi-Fi. This will disconnect your EVO from constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks which will also drain your battery. For those who would like to connect to a Wi-Fi network, just faucet it again to change it back on.

Suggestion #5 – Adjust your email options. Users can adjust the frequency to which the network searches for your emails. In case you have your EVO searching for your emails every single 5 minutes, those searches each individual several minutes will help drain your battery. Go to Messages, tap the Menu button at the bottom-More- Settings-Send & Receive-Set download frequency. Here you are able to adjust the network to check for new mail each 5-60 minutes. Depending upon the account and how frequently you need to have to see new email, I would recommend every 30 minutes. Now you’ll be able to normally open up your messages in the meantime which will instantly refresh and bring up any new mail. However, this tiny adjustment will help help you save quite a bit of battery existence throughout the day.

Suggestion #6 – Change off your social networks. The EVO offers a ton of terrific apps for social networking. Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter all have their own applications. This makes lifetime a lot easier when you are as involved using the social networks as I am. However, a default setting on most of these applications will keep them on indefinitely which will give you immediate notifications across your community. This is all very well and very good but that tiny luxury will kill your battery everyday living. Make sure you might have these applications all established not to mechanically update. To make sure, faucet your Sophisticated Task Killer and get rid of them if they are functioning.

Tip #7 – Make sure to flip off your house display. Should you are like me, you like to leave your telephone open up constantly for new emails, notifications, etc. However, this will kill your battery and is not usually necessary. When you are busy or won’t need to have the phone immediately, just simply just faucet the button within the very top of the phone. This puts your cell phone into sleep mode. Your cell phone is still on and you will hear notifications, however , you will help save hours in your battery lifetime by leaving the EVO in standby mode. Additionally, make sure your property display screen times out at some point in case you forget to accomplish this manually. Visit the Menu button on base then Settings – Sound & Display – Screen timeout. In this article you have got the option to have your house shut down anywhere from 15 seconds to never. For me, 15 seconds is usually a little as well quick. I like to keep mine established to two minutes. I would probably save a little more daily life to the battery by taking it all the way down to a minute, but that may be just too quick for me and just how I use my EVO. Either way you’ve plenty of options here, make sure you use them.

So there you go. I’ve passed this advice on to numerous friends who are now eternally grateful for your extra battery daily life they have on their EVO. Make these basic adjustments and the difference will be like having two extra batteries connected to your EVO.

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